Representing Home Buyers

Guidance Throughout the Search and Buying Process

  • Comprehensive service: We offer step-by-step guidance throughout the home search and buying process, with complete transparency to all terms of the transaction.
  • Full team approach: Every client receives service from a dedicated sales broker, a real estate attorney and a transaction specialist to ensure the purchase process goes smoothly. A certified land use planner reviews all properties with development issues.
  • We never represent both sides of a transaction: This may sound obvious, but many brokers will represent both the seller and the buyer in the same transaction. But we serve as our client’s exclusive advocate in their home purchase.

Selecting and Buying a Home with Bellmark

Bellmark Real Estate is your exclusive advocate for finding your home. We provide step-by-step guidance on all purchase activities, plus legal expertise to negotiate all transaction terms.

Our client tells us the house characteristics they’re after and we send details on appropriate homes daily, weekly or monthly, whichever the client prefers. When a promising house is located, we walk you through the home and advise on pros and cons of the property, such as location and investment considerations, quality of workmanship and upkeep, etc.

When we find the right house, we advise on pricing and offer strategies and then handle the entire transaction. We negotiate with the seller’s broker, prepare the legal documents and coordinate the closing process. Our Designated Broker is also an experienced real estate attorney and he personally handles or reviews all the purchase documents.

Our clients can rest assured that all aspects of the transaction will be handled smoothly, capably and professionally.

Resources for Buyers, Sellers and Homeowners

Bellmark Real Estate works with a large number of highly qualified local companies that provide services such as home repair, home improvement, financing, inspections, etc.  We also maintain a large database of information and resources that are helpful to many homebuyers, such as local school information, building permit information, local government comprehensive plans, and earthquake maps.

Please contact us and we can point you to service providers and information resources for a broad array of projects and questions.